The one smart control app


Who wants to juggle 10 different apps to control the lighting, heating, garage door or blinds? The ONE Smart Control app integrates all functions into one. Moreover, there is the option for an unlimited combination of functions to control all the different atmospheres and activities. For example, there is a ‘party’ mode, a TV viewing mode, a setting for a romantic date …

Fast and easy

Navigating the app is intuitive and fast. In a few seconds, you will have found the desired function. The sliders will take you to the home screen, and by rotating your screen to portrait, you can view the energy statements, which are navigated by using the slider.

User friendly

This may seem complicated, but our software developers constantly monitor the usability of the app. In a few clicks, all these actions may be customized by the user. Simple, intuitive and fast.

Automatic updates

Every day, our developers are working on optimizing, fine-tuning and expanding the app. This happens behind the scenes and, as a user, you will be unaware of this. Each time a new version is ready, you will receive a pop-up in your app, prompting you to give permission to install the new version. If there have been major changes, or if there are interesting new features, you will receive an overview of these by email. This way, you can take full advantage of the new features whenever it suits you.

Iphone, ipod touch, ipad and android

Your son uses his iPod, your wife is hooked on her Samsung Galaxy, you love your iPhone. All devices can be used together seamlessly to control your home with ONE Smart Control. Use the app on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or on all your Android devices.

Free app

All ONE Smart Control software products are free. You only pay for the hardware. And the best part is: your ONE Smart Control Smart Home is constantly improving, thanks to the free updates!

Download and test the free app

Convince yourself and try out the app’s test mode. You can see how to use the app and experience it in a virtual test environment.

Each to their own

Your children will not be able to modify or delete your carefully defined settings and atmospheres. Your system has a designated administrator. This is necessary for monitoring the security of your system. The administrator can assign certain roles to different users. For example, children will only have the right to control lights and blinds in rooms, but they cannot change the scenarios.


The timeline gives you an overview of the different actions that have taken place in your home. Do you want to know who left the lights on and who closed the shutters? Thanks to the timeline, your system has no secrets.

Change your tablet into a control terminal

Whether the iPad is attached to the wall at home or whether you have it with you when you are away: the iPad – in combination with the ONE Smart Control app – is ideally suited as a control terminal for your home. By using a wall bracket, your iPad can easily be attached or removed from the wall. /p>