Installing the one home automation system

Which home automation system to select and install? Ask for advice

ONE Smart Control has an extensive range of options. No wonder you may be a little overwhelmed. Where to start? What features would you not think of, and that would probably be useful? Our consultants are ready with smart advice, to ensure you get the most from ONE. We are happy to send you a no-commitment quote for your project.

Your home automation system, installed in a jiffy

Installation of the ONE Smart Control home automation system is as simple as it is to operate. Your trusted installer can order all components online or by mail, and install and configure them effortlessly.

Who is your installer?

Installing OSC is very easy. Basically, any installer can install ONE. If your installer is not yet familiar with the system, he can call ONE Smart Control for the necessary training. The training session takes only a few hours. If you have not yet found an installer for your home or if you prefer to work with an experienced installer, ONE Smart Control can recommend one.

Download the app


Want to use the ONE Smart Control home automation system on your smartphone or tablet? Download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Within a few moments you can get started!

Turn your home into a smart home in 3 steps

ONE Smart Control can be installed in both new and existing homes.

Step 1

Adapt your electrical cabinet

Install the OneSmart. This is the smart fuse. Use one of these for each smart circuit you want to set up. This smart fuse measures the energy consumed in this circuit and communicates with the ONE Smart Control components installed on this circuit.

Install the OneConnect. This is the home gateway. This provides the connection from your smart home to the Internet. It enables you to control your home using your smartphone, either from home or remotely. This gateway measures all energy flows: gas, water, electricity and the yield from your solar panels.

Install the OneFilter. This is a filter that protects your home against interference from the electrical circuit. (This may be caused by, for example, transducers from inferior quality solar panels.)

Step 2

Install components in your home

Install the ONE Smart Control components: often in the form of wire terminals (loop terminals), which, depending on their function, have a different colour code. They are fitted to the switches, wall sockets, blinds, light fixtures, … These components communicate over the mains and measure the energy used by the connected device.

Step 3

Get started with your app

Download the ONE Smart Control app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

This app is used to both configure and operate your system. All components that you previously installed in your home will automatically appear on your app and can be assigned to rooms. You can then determine their function and configure the system entirely according to your needs.

Schematic view of the system

Online shop

Components may be ordered in our online home automation shop for professionals. All orders are dispatched quickly, together with useful installation instructions.