For the property developer, ONE Smart Control is the logical choice. In addition to the added value created by a ONE Smart Control project, you also enjoy plenty of other benefits.
We cooperate with property developers in a strategic partnership, enabling us to truly innovate together.

All-in-one solution

  • Fast installation, with low installation costs
  • No additional cabling
  • No impact on the construction process
  • Choice of finishes (switch material)
  • Suitable for new or existing buildings


  • Modular and flexible
  • Easily adaptable for all stages of life
  • Outstanding service
  • Long-term support

Clear & uncluttered

  • No coordination needed between different parties, enabling faster planning
  • Total overview of all homes via a central dashboard
  • Monitoring of technologies, energy production and consumption per residential unit
Proven concept
+ 10.000
projects all over Europe

Energy consumption and production are interpreted and plotted in a clear graph on the dashboard


For the integrator, ONE Smart Control is a fast way to connect with the latest technologies, and to thus access an emerging market that offers new opportunities.

Veilig & betrouwbaar

  • Secured, standard electrical cables as the data transport medium
  • Encrypted data
  • Remote, automatic software updates

Easy & efficient

  • Smooth maintenance of the technologies
  • Users can manage their own settings
  • Remote service, even in the long term
  • Preventive error detection

Fast & low-cost

  • No additional cabling required
  • Easy to configure
  • Multiple networks in parallel
  • Choice of finishes (switch material)
  • Original function of the switches / buttons retained
  • No extensive training required
No additional cabling
is required


Your building project becomes an ecosystem, with ONE Smart Control seamlessly integrating the various technologies. The residents living in your building enjoy limitless functionalities for sustainable, comfortable, safe and customised living.

Comfortable & energy-efficient

  • Different functionalities for comfortable living
  • Safety functions for optimum feeling of well-being
  • Insight into energy consumption and production
  • Energy savings through coordination of technologies and devices
and flexible

Simple & intuitive

  • Easy to operate using switches, app and/or touch screen

Modular & future-proof

  • Set-up tailored to the individual’s lifestyle
  • Activation of modules/functions as required