A system with countless options

All your switches and sockets are instantly able to do so much more: play music, switch lights on and off, create atmospheric lighting, turn on the heating, … A range of options, simply choose the ideal option for your home. And whether it is a newly built home or an existing one, it makes no difference to ONE Smart Control!

Convinced of the power of one smart control?

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Functions of the ONE Smart Control home automation system

Home automation systems offer a range of options and applications, and this is certainly the case with ONE Smart Control. The options and features not only provide additional comfort, but they also increase security in and around the home. Moreover, you will notice the difference in your wallet: ONE Smart Control will display the energy consumption of all devices connected to the system. This allows you to save energy effortlessly and remotely!


Transform your home into a cosy nest.

Switch your lights on and off with your smartphone or simply push a button. Dim and set timers, programme mood lighting for any time of the day … With ONE Smart Control, light transforms the surroundings into an atmospheric and cosy environment. And our dimming technology will provide additional energy savings.

ONE lighting control


Comfort and energy-efficient living now come together.

Comfort and energy-efficient living now come together. Set your own temperature for each room, set detailed programmes for weekdays and weekends, … or operate your thermostat remotely and save energy.

ONE climate control


Security without inconvenience. Activate the alarm system with one press of a button, and leave the lights switched on during your absence to deter intruders.

ONE security & access


Privacy and comfort. Operate shutters and awnings from your tablet, or with a handy push button in your living space. Create the atmosphere you most enjoy in your own home. Protect your home automatically from the sun when you are not home.

ONE room darkening


ONE music to your ears. Listen to music in every room in the house. Wake up to your favourite song. Just one button controls your entire music library!

ONE music functions


Save energy at the press of a button. Check your usage remotely and switch off the energy guzzlers. Keep an eye on your energy bill at all times.

ONE energy savings