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A home automation system that can be installed easily, without the need to chase in cables? One that is easy to operate with a switch or smartphone? And that helps you to keep your energy consumption under control? ONE Smart Control delivers! Contact ONE and take a look at our innovative applications in operation.

A home automation system without the need to chase in cables

When you think of home automation, you automatically think: that’s very complex and only for new build. However, this is no longer the case if you choose ONE Smart Control. Bert De Haes, Chief Operating Officer: “Our home automation system doesn’t need to be cabled into the mains, it simply plugs into the mains sockets. An innovative and unique concept in the home automation world. The small converter blocks resemble Lego bricks, which can be installed behind switches, light fixtures and power sockets. There’s no need to chase in any cables. And what if you move house? Then you simply take your home automation system with you.”

Easy set-up and operation

Want to play music, control the heating, create a cosy atmosphere with the lighting? All this can be done immediately after connecting your ONE Smart Control system. “You do not need an expert to complete endless programming chores. Simply install the different converter blocks in the electrical cabinet and near the products you want to control, adjust the settings using a smartphone app and … you’re done. And to operate the system is just as easy. With the switches in your home or with the app. Controlling your home from abroad is no longer an illusion.”

More comfort, less energy

With ONE Smart Control home automation system, you increase your comfort and lower your energy bill. “The system measures the energy that runs through the converter blocks, and provides you with all the information you need. You now know exactly what amount of energy each device is consuming, so you can intervene where necessary. With the smart home automation system, you can also create an optimal climate, using the minimum amount of energy. And what if you’re not home? Then you can arrange for the light and heating to automatically switch off.””

About ONE Smart Control

ONE Smart Control is a Belgian company that makes electricity in buildings and homes smarter, both for residential and care environments. The development team headed by Bert De Haes and David Thielman includes automation specialists from home and abroad. ONE Smart Control is head-quartered in Antwerp and distributes products primarily in Europe. The aim: to enhance your comfort in the easiest possible way.

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