As we are both retired, we often get in the car and drive to our apartment by the sea. It is only an hour away and yet it gives us that holiday feeling. The main problem we had was that it took a while for the apartment to heat up because of the old heating system. That problem has now been solved: when we leave home, we just click ‘heating on’. When we arrive, it is nice and warm in the apartment.

The children love to occasionally come and stay by the sea. But try explaining to them exactly how electricity works when you have installed a traditional home automation system. Each switch does something unexpected. That is not what happens in our case. They use the push buttons like they would use normal light switches. And everything works.

The kids do not know how the system works, but they do know how to use it!

We find the main advantage of ONE Smart Control the extra security the system offers. The seafront apartment is on the ground floor and a perfect target for burglars – especially as we do not permanently live there and only visit occasionally. Now we can imply that we are home by controlling the lights and blinds remotely. That makes the apartment look occupied, and deters burglars.