The digital brain for every modern property project

Energy efficient, comfortable and safe living

Whether you are developing an apartment complex, an office building, a commercial building, a residential community or a hotel… for your modern property projects, ONE Smart Control brings together the various technologies – easily and quickly –, forming the brains of the entire technical installation.

The benefits of ONE Smart Control over traditional home automation solutions are clear: your project is energy efficient, extremely comfortable to live in and future-proof.

The unique features offered by ONE Smart Control put smart and safe living within everyone’s reach. What’s more, residents can quickly and easily manage and adjust their own systems without the intervention of an integrator.

You make a real difference for residents and integrators alike. You create more tangible value for your development project.

Fast and easy integration for every project

ONE Smart Control modules can be added to the standard electrical installation, quickly and easily, without any additional drilling, demolition or cabling.

With the unique powerline technology, ONE Smart Control transforms standard power cables into information highways. By using the regular electrical installation and adding a minimum of easily installed hardware. The infrastructure is solid and reliable.

Most dS | ONE modules connect directly to the 230 V cabling. Using the trust- ed powerline network protocol, they exchange data securely and quickly, even over long distances.

Wired communication does not suffer from interference or difficult connec- tivity through walls, and is therefore more robust than wireless technology alone. Moreover, it is cheaper than, for example, solutions that require sepa- rate star cabling, but is nonetheless just as reliable.