Easy to operate

ONE Smart Control seamlessly integrates energy monitoring, control of the technologies, safety and comfort functions. Through our convenient app or touchscreen, users have easy access to all the functions they need.

ONE Smart Control app

With one central app on the smartphone or tablet, residents can centrally control all functions and linked technologies in the home. The ONE Smart Control app is extremely user-friendly, intuitive and fast.

Configuring the installation

The integrator configures the basic installation, after which the residents can set their own preferences or make adjustments via the app, without additional intervention by the integrator.

Home control

With the user-friendly app, residents can control the lighting, heating, blinds, sound system and more. They can also easily change the status of the house: for example, whether they are at home or away, awake or asleep.

Who’s at the door?

Residents can see on their smartphone when someone is at their front door, talk to the visitor, and let them in. Nobody’s home? They can remotely open up for the cleaner or delivery person.

Track energy consumption and production

The app gives residents at-a-glance insight into the energy consumption of heating, heat pump, ventilation, etc. The app can also be used to monitor the energy production of solar panels. Does the heating system need maintenance? Is the ventilation system suddenly using more energy? It’s all indicated by the app!

The free app is available for iOS and Android

Touch screen

The touch screen offers a single, central control for all functions and connected elements in the home.

Communicate with visitors, open the door, monitor energy consumption in the home and energy production from the solar panels, and more. The embedded thermostat eliminates the need for an additional thermostat in the room.

Comfort sensor

The multifunctional comfort sensor ensures maximum comfort in a room, at every moment. It controls the heating and ventilation, switches on the light when someone enters, and monitors the room when the resident is absent.

Door videophone

It is easy to communicate with visitors using the videophone. The 130° camera and orientation lighting ensure perfect visibility, day and night. So no visitor
is unseen.

The videophone always takes a photo and a video when someone rings the bell. And with face recognition, it can even unlock the door for authorised people.

The minimalist, timeless design fits into any interior