In addition to the actual use of the system, it is very important that the installation of the ONE home automation system runs smoothly. Irrespective of whether it is being installed in a new home or an existing one, that should not make a difference.

Erwin Van Hoppe, managing director of Van Hoppe Elektriciteitswerken, has installed the system many times, and is happy to talk to us about the benefits, both for the user, and more specifically: for the installers.

One uses the existing 230 v electrical circuit

I have already installed several alternative systems in the past, but with all these systems I also needed to install new cables. This is where ONE differs, by using the existing 230 V mains. A new electrical panel is not necessary (if the renovation does not require this) and in addition, far less cabling is required than with a traditional system.

domotica installeren - lusterklem one domoticaInstalling a home automation system – loop terminal ONE home automation system Additionally, placing the converter blocks behind the switches or appliances is done relatively quickly. And finally, the system is modular. This means that you can expand the system room by room, or light switch by light switch. This allows you to continuously expand the system without the need to fully complete it. On the other hand, it means that you can enjoy all the benefits of a home automation system even on a low budget. At some point in the future, you can always expand your system by adding more functions, appliances or rooms.

The effortless installation and easy expansion capabilities are not the only benefits, according to Erwin.

A smart system that helps you to save energy

One of the main advantages for the user is the energy-efficient nature of the ONE system. Thanks to the communication between the converter blocks behind the switches and the Connect ONE server and the intelligent Smart ONE fuses in the electrical cabinet, the system knows exactly how much energy is being used at any given time.

This allows you to respond to your energy consumption either at home or remotely and to save energy in the smartest way possible. However, ONE Smart Control takes it a step further. The system will help you to live more energy-aware. Just consider the dimming curves of your lighting: ONE adapts these automatically to LED lighting, and as a result, the lights consume even less energy. It is not always clear where and how you can save energy, so the ONE home automation system finds the answer for you.

It will soon also be possible to expand the system with presence detectors, and temperature sensors. This will enable you to pre-set your heating to switch off when it reaches a specified temperature, and to switch back on if the temperature falls below a selected minimum.

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