Comfortable & safe living

Adding ONE Smart Control modules to a standard electrical installation opens up many more possibilities – immediately. Your property project is not only more energy efficient, but offers residents optimum comfort and additional safety. Residents can add modules when they wish, and set up all functions exactly the way they want. Their home seamlessly matches their lifestyle.

The right light

ONE Smart Control solutions allow users to adjust lighting (including LEDs) to the perfect level, or to set atmospheres. Favourite light atmospheres can be saved as scenes. These are called up with just a push of the wall-mounted button or using the app on a smartphone or tablet.

Heating efficiency

Climate control enables users to adjust the heating or cooling in the various rooms of the home. Maybe the bathroom is only heated in the morning and in the evening, while the living room is heated all day. Users choose how they want to set the heating for each area via the app on their smartphone or tablet, or with the thermostat.

Safe (at) home

ONE Smart Control constantly monitors all parameters that
are important for home safety and immediately intervenes when necessary. If a resident feels uncomfortable, just a press of the panic button switches on all the lights, for example. ONE Smart Control even monitors the quality of the electricity to reduce risk of fire.

No unwanted visits

Access to the property is as safe as it is simple. A resident can unlock the front door via the smartphone or with an access card. Lights can switch on automatically when someone enters the home after sunset. And the ‘absent’ push button lets the house know that the resident is leaving, activating the ‘home simulation’.

Adapting to the rhythm of the day and season

Via the app, the user can easily control the level of natural light in the residence, with remotely control shades, shutters, blinds or awnings. Shading can be combined with light scenarios, or can automatically adjust based on the position of the sun or information from a weather station.

Your property projects not only become more energy efficient, but also more comfortable and safer.