Energy efficient

Sustainable energy management is key for any modern property project, today more than ever. ONE Smart Control makes it easy to measure, manage and control energy consumption and production.
Your projects can thus actively contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon society.

Energy consumption and production are interpreted and shown in a clear graph on the dashboard for the property development manager and the resident

Monitoring is knowledge

With ONE Smart Control, you provide the residents living in your development with real insight, at any time of the day: not just on solar panel or heat pump yields, but even on the electricity consumption of heating/ventilation, hot water and household appliances.

You get much more than what is offered by standard monitoring, which only maps energy flows.

Verifiable energy balance

ONE Smart Control modules are installed in a centralised switchboard cabinet for the various residential units, while the data is stored on the associated, independent ONE Smart Control platform. In this way, you as a property developer can deliver a verifiably energy-balanced project.

Clear dashboard

The raw data for energy consumption and energy production are interpreted and plotted in a clear graph on the dashboard. You can view the data in the online ONE Smart Control portal in a total, daily, weekly or monthly overview.

Avoid problems

Being and staying energy efficient requires diagnosis of energy consumption and production. Are the
solar panels generating the expected energy? Is the ventilation system working optimally?

With diagnostic information, you can take immediate action – often before an issue becomes a real problem.

Efficient energy usage

To ensure that each residence operates in an energy-efficient way, ONE Smart Control connects the
different elements: ventilation, heating, solar panels, equipment, etc. The energy measurement data can be
used to help control the devices and technologies.

Is there a lot of solar energy being generated? Then the washing machine can run a load or the freezer can cool down a bit more. Conversely, the installation prevents high energy consumption at the wrong time, or more energy consumption than the installation can handle.

Better maintenance

ONE Smart Control gives you a clear overview of the technologies within the various living units. The system detects whether a limit value is exceeded, reports deviations and more. In short, you can see at a glance whether a home needs extra attention.

Focused on the future

The ONE Smart Control platform evolves with the times.
We constantly add and improve applications, and remotely ensure that the installation is always up-to-date. Applications that you can’t even imagine today will become the reality tomorrow.

Service: our concern

With ONE Smart Control, you get an independent, simple and honest solution – as you will immediately notice when your project is complete. But because we are aware that a project is never 100% concluded, we will happily take charge of all service and follow-up care.