Installation ONE domotica

Choose and install home automation? Ask for advice

The possibilities of ONE Smart Control are very extensive. No wonder you are just overwhelmed. Where do you start? Which functions do you not think, while they are very useful? Our consultants are ready with smart advice, so that you can get everything from ONE. We are happy to make an offer for your project without obligation.

Your home automation system, installed in one, two, three

Installing ONE Smart Control home automation is as easy as operating the system. Your trusted installer can order all components online or via mail. And he will soon install and configure them without difficulty

Who is your installer?

Installing OSC is very simple. actually, every electrician can install ONE. If your electrician does not know the system yet, he can go to ONE Smart Control for a small training. This training only takes a few hours. If you do not yet have an electrician for your home or would rather work with an experienced installer, ONE Smart Control can recommend an electrician.

Download the app


Using ONE Smart Control home automation on your smartphone or tablet? Download the iOS or Android app in the App store or the Google Playstore. You can get started in a few moments!

Make your home a Smarthome in 3 steps

ONE Smart Control uses conventional electrical wiring so that both new and existing buildings/homes

Step 1

Adjust your electricity box

Install the ONE Smart. This is a smart fuse. You will need one for every smart circuit you want. This smart fuse measures the energy used in this circuit and will communicate with the ONE Smart Control Components that are connected to this curcuit.

Install the ONE Connect. This a the home gateway. This ensures the connection of your smart home with the internet. This makes it possible to operate your home with your smartphone. Both at home and from a distance. This gateway measures all energy flows: gas, water electricity and the proceeds of your solar panels.

Install the ONE Filter. it is used for filtering out interference from the mains supply lines. (These can come from converters like solar panels of inferior quality)


Install the components in your house

Install the ONE Smart Control components: often in the shape of loop terminals, these differ depending on the function they have. They are installed near switches, sockets, sun blinds, light fittings, …. there communication goes over your powergrid and measure the energy used by the connected product.


Get started with your APP

Download the ONE Smart Control app at the APP Store or Google Play store.

You use this app both to configure your installation and to operate it. All components that you previously installed in your home automatically appear on your app and can be assigned to rooms. You can then determine their functions and configure the system completely according to your wishes.

Schematic presentation of the installation