During the renovation of our labourer’s cottage we thought a home automation system would be the right thing for us. All too often we left the lights switched on in the hallway and the bathroom. But because we limited the renovation work to the kitchen and living space, we thought it would not be possible to install. That was not the case: with ONE Smart Control we were able to choose which switches and wall sockets we wanted to include in the system – without any further building work.

We now operate almost all the electrical components in our living space remotely. We switch the heating thermostat on and off, control the lighting centrally, … and we can even turn everything on and off in the hallway and the bathroom with one switch.

The most useful feature? That must be the iron It does not have an on-off switch, so you always have to pull out the plug. Unless you can operate the socket with a switch.

We are reasonably technically proficient and installed everything ourselves. That was not really very difficult: replace switches with push buttons, mount small boxes behind the power sockets and install an extra fuse. Even the programming went very smoothly.