We consciously chose to build a passive house This meant: investing heavily in energy-efficient appliances, thick insulation, smart systems for water consumption, … Yet we realized only too well that the biggest gain in reducing energy consumption could only be accomplished by ourselves. By not leaving appliances switched on and by closing the shutters efficiently, naturally even more energy could be saved. ONE Smart Control helps us achieve this.

The automatic functions are highly convenient: one button to switch off all the lights, the blinds that automatically open and close … All this saves a lot of energy. Furthermore, we can now actually see in detail where all the energy is going. It is disconcerting to see that some appliances are real energy guzzlers.

In our specific case, this provides even more of an advantage: we know exactly how much power the architectural business uses in the home. Handy for our tax returns.

Admittedly, we were somewhat reluctant about home automation systems.

Customized lighting atmospheres in the home appealed to us. But we did not want a complex system that no longer allowed us to simply switch the light on or off in the ‘traditional’ way. But ONE Smart Control does not work like that. Our new push buttons still do what you expect them to do. Except that we now have a range of extra features. And this is so convenient.