Powerline technology, the reliable backbone

Powerline technology enables you to add data transport over regular electrical wiring. Your energy network becomes smart just like that.

Signal transmission of powerline data uses multiple frequencies that have been allocated by the European government. The powerline signals do not influence the electricity, the power consumption or the normal operation of equipment.

Powerline allows for a much higher data throughput than Wi-Fi with a significantly lower amount of data losses. Distance between computer and router, exact location of the router and construction materials of the building have no influence on signal quality.

Why choose powerline

Both in existing buildings and newly built homes a standard electrical wiring allows the addition of energy monitoring, comfort and safety functions.

Powerline technology provides the answer to both the disadvantages of a classical bus wired system (chipping and breaking) and of a modern wireless solution (unstable signals).

In addition the powerline network extends into all corners of the building, even the places that are hard to reach for a wireless router. Finally, the powerline connection is secure, the signals on the copper wiring cannot be hacked from the outside.

Proven reliability

Today powerline technology is often used by internet and network providers to distribute internet, radio and TV-signals in a house over the electrical wiring.

For decades powerline technology over long distance is being used to switch street lighting, day/night tariff of energy metering and babyphones.

Reliability, quality and a continous signal are crucial in these use cases.

Powerline offers the fastest, simplest and most reliable installation and configuration