Central Modules – ONE Smart – BO-M


The SmartOne (BO-M) communicates with all ONE devices and modules in its


Central Modules – ONE Filter – BO-F


ONE Filter prepares the electric installation for communication with ONE Smart Control. To be installed on every phase that has a ONE Smart module, near the module. This filter protects the home from disruptions on the electricity grid.

Central Modules – ONE Smart – BO-M/An


ONE Smart makes the fuses smart. It measures the energy of the circuit, communicates via 230V with the ONE Smart Control components in the circuit and controls the activities in the circuit. Only for installation in combination with a 1TE fuse of 16A (only with makes GE & Vynckier).

Measurements: DIN rail module of 2 TE (incl. room for a fuse) – 36 x 115 mm (L x H)

Central Modules – ONE Connect – BO-S/6t


ONE Connect is the gateway that connects the home to the internet. It makes managing the home by smartphone and tablet possible, both through Wi-Fi and through 3G/4G. ONE Connect manages timed functions as well as functions that include conditions.

Measurements: DIN rail module 6 TE – 108 x 110 mm (L x H)