Aizo Group AG sets the course for global expansion in Europe and Asia

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With Aglaia Kong, the Aizo Group AG has gained an internationally experienced and respected technology manager. As a Member of the Board, Aglaia Kong will primarily drive expansion into the asian market.

©Peter L. Buranzon

As a former CTO at Google and Cisco, Aglaia Kong has a broad experience in smart homes, smart buildings and IOT. But most of all, Aglaia Kong comes with a plan:

“As the current CTO of Henderson Land Developments,  my mission is to globally select the best smart home technology for both our existing and future building portfolio. That brought me to the Swiss Aizo Group team. I was really impressed with their powerline technology, their international project portfolio and their vision. The prospect of integrating open source CPU technology like RISC-V, that my team has been developing optimized IOT SOC for, in the powerline so-lution of Aizo Group creates a compelling smart home solu-tion. This solution will support most common sensor protocols such as wifi, BLE via RISC-V based SOC, and will have super reliable connectivity with powerline communication, so that people can be worry free that their smart home solutions work efficiently. This will be a winner – for everyone that wants to save energy and have guaranteed connectivity.  This partner-ship will create interesting global growth perspectives for both of us

I am very happy I can support this exciting company with my experience.”

Aglaia Kong, 

CTO of Henderson Henderson Land Developments

and Board Member of Aizo Group AG