digitalSTROM, ONE Smart Control and eSMART Technologies join forces under the roof of Aizo Group AG

Europe’s powerline smart home technology leader Aizo Group AG takes big steps towards global expansion.

As a result of the recent merger with the Swiss company eSMART Technologies, Aizo Group AG, founded in 2004, becomes the European market leader for powerline technology in the smart home sector.

The Aizo Group companies will propose a unique All-in-One smart home solution, to be installed in one day per living unit and using Powerline Communication (PLC) as main technology. The existing electrical wires become the smart home communication lines without needing additional cables or RF signals. With PLC we are able to bridge the main difficulties competing solutions suffer while combining all smart home functionalities in one offer: access control + heating control + lighting control + shading + security.

Integrated in our solution is monitoring of energy consumption. The Aizo companies will be able to propose load-shifting solutions, energy saving and energy related services. This will be a main trigger in coming smart home markets.

The Aizo offer matches demand for new build and retrofitting and will enable all parties to highly standardize their activities. Most importantly, customers will at last have an easy understanding of smart home for an increased willingness to buy.

“With our technology, we offer an attractive smart home experience for residents, and at the same time a valuable smart building solution for building operators. That combination is unique: inhabitants get comfort and security, operators get energy efficiency and operational excellence. And both in terms of reliability and cost our solutions leave the competition behind – definitely in existing buildings.”

Fabrizio Lo Conte,

CEO of Aizo Group AG

and co-founder of eSMART Technologies

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